Target Clusters

Information Technology in Greater Osceola

Information technology companies in Greater Osceola specialize in performing computer programming and data processing related services. This sector is particularly entrepreneurial-focused, welcoming small business development. With 15 percent of jobs in the Orlando MSA directly or indirectly supporting information technology, equaling 35,200 jobs, it is projected to grow more than 15 percent between 2011-2016. Information technology also boasts the highest wage of all target clusters. The region’s highly skilled workforce fuels this rapidly growing cluster, while providing important support services to other target industry clusters.

Information Technology Benefits in Greater Osceola

  • Close proximity to the University of Central Florida (UCF), whose College of Engineering and Computer Science produces nationally desired information technology and computer science graduates.
    • UCF’s National Collegiate Cyber Defense Championship (CCDC) team won the national championship in 2014
    • UCF’s programming team has won many Southeast Regional contests and successfully competes at the ICPC world finals
  • Valencia College’s Kissimmee campus offers Information Technology Associate’s and Certificate Programs, training local students with the skills needed to be an asset to your business
  • Greater Osceola is looking to grow its “culture of creativity” by recruiting custom software, hosting, design and engineering services to the area
  • IT is also a key component in supporting our region’s growing medical, motion picture production and theme park industries
  • Osceola’s existing IT labor force costs are approximately 26 percent lower than the overall region
  • Connecting your technology business to the UCF incubator provides access to qualified talent throughout the region
  • Integrating your IT company into the region’s education and industry networks will provide you with the connections, clients, and talent to be successful

Information Technology Incentives in Greater Osceola

Greater Osceola economic development professionals are available to talk about customized incentive solutions to help your information technology business succeed in Osceola. Learn more about:

  • Workforce training specific to your needs
  • Capital equipment investment assistance
  • Grants for your specific type of manufacturing
  • Property and sales tax incentives
  • Infrastructure development assistance
  • Becoming part of an incubator program