Target Clusters

Life Sciences and Allied Health in Greater Osceola

Life sciences and allied health companies develop and manufacture healthcare products, including surgical, biological and electro-medical products. This sector also includes research and development as well as specialty and niche medical services, such as laboratories, diagnostic imaging, and HMO centers, employing 14,200, or 13% of the Orlando MSA workforce.

Projected for a more than 17 percent job growth between 2011-16, life sciences and allied health jobs have a very positive impact upon the region, prompting collateral job growth in supporting industries. When compared to Greater Osceola’s four other key industries, life sciences and allied health has the second highest percentage of entrepreneurial jobs within core industries.

Life Sciences and Allied Health Benefits in Greater Osceola

  • Core life science companies are importing more than 35 percent of their requirements from outside the region
  • Osceola County’s labor cost for this cluster is 15.5 percent lower than the surrounding region
  • UCF and St. Cloud’s incubator programs are connecting Medical City with opportunities for new business
  • Greater Osceola is able to connect businesses to hospitals and other non-core industries in the region
  • The region is poised to provide a skilled workforce for the life science and allied health cluster

Life Sciences and Allied Health Incentives in Greater Osceola

Greater Osceola economic development professionals are available to talk about customized incentive solutions to help your life sciences or allied health business succeed in Osceola. Learn more about:

  • Workforce training specific to your needs
  • Capital equipment investment assistance
  • Grants for your specific type of manufacturing
  • Property and sales tax incentives
  • Infrastructure development assistance
  • Becoming part of an incubator program